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Gene Predictis and Synlab Switzerland announce commercial partnership to jointly distribute Pill Protect® test

Gene Predictis SA, a pioneer in precision medicine field, and Synlab Switzerland SA, a European market leader in medical diagnostics, announce a strategic partnership to jointly commercialize Pill Protect®, an innovative and the best performing genetic test to measure the risk of thrombosis related to use of combined oral contraceptives. The companies will collaborate to […]

Gene Predictis provides analyses for COVID-19

Gene Predictis SA helps to fight the current pandemic Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). Our laboratory offers a complete range of tests related to COVID-19: The diagnostic test – a PCR-based test that detects specifically the viral RNA, it is performed when the symptoms of the disease are present. Antibody […]

Gene Predictis wins two International Life Sciences Awards

Gene Predictis SA, a Swiss company at the leading edge of precision medicine, is a winner of the two prestigious 2019 International Life Sciences Awards, awarded by Global Health & Pharma: 1) Most Pioneering Precision Medicine Company – Europe 2) Best Pharmacogenetics Product – Pill Protect The company was selected by an international jury of […]

Discover the latest AGEFI article on Gene Predictis

The well-known AGEFI newspaper recently published an article on Gene Predictis. It describes the importance of genetic tests such as CYPASS to avoid drugs adverse effects and, it also focuses on the society new goals to conquer new international markets. Find the original article below: Article from AGEFI: “Les tests de Gene Predictis réduisent les […]

Nutripass, first nutrigenetic test reimbursed in Switzerland

Gene Predictis Nutripass genetic test is now reimbursed by Helsana Health Insurance and its supplementary insurance PRIMEO. This test is a unique tool that assesses each person’s genetic ability to metabolize frequently used foods and optimize their intake of important nutrients. It also assesses the risk of developing food intolerances and diet-related diseases. It thus makes it […]

As part of the review of the law on human genetic analysis, the Swiss national television channel RTSinfo interviewed Gene Predictis SA

As part of the Swiss parliament’s review of the law on human medical genetics, the Swiss national television channel RTSinfo met with the CEO of Gene Predictis SA, Ms Goranka Tanackovic, to interview her on the role of genetic testing and “lifestyle” tests. Find the link to the video below: http://www.rts.ch/play/tv/19h30/video/la-loi-doit-sadapter-a-loffre-grandissante-de-tests-genetiques?id=9367289 In the same vein, […]

Scientific publication confirming the efficacy of Pill Protect®, an innovative genetic test to assess the risk of thrombosis in women using contraceptive pill

Gene Predictis®, in collaboration with the group of Prof. Zoltàn Kutalik at CHUV (University Hospital of Canton Vaud) and the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, published a study concerning Pill Protect® test, an innovative medical test that uses genetic data to identify women at risk of developing thrombosis when using contraceptive pills. This study identified […]

Two innovative genetic tests Pill Protect® and Cypass® reimbursed by supplementary insurance

As of November 1st, 2016, Gene Predictis’ genetic tests Pill Protect® and Cypass® are reimbursed by supplementary healthcare cover PRIMEO from Helsana, the leading insurance group in Switzerland. These tests allow to evaluate, for every individual, the risk of adverse drug events by integrating both patient’s genetics and clinical data. This represents a significant step forward towards […]