Gene Predictis is a Swiss company at the forefront of precision medicine. It is a part of NIMGenetics, a leading international biotech company in the field of human genetic diagnostics.   The company is based at renown EPFL Innovation Park (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) in Lausanne, Switzerland.
The company focuses on developing genetic based tests to personalise drug treatments (Cypass), personalize nutrition (Nutripass) and contribute to prevention of diseases (Pill Protect). Our knowhow in this field is recognized through prestigious awards, such as Global Health and Pharma award for The best Precision Medicine Company (2019) and for The best Pharmacogentic Product (2019). Our products are the fruit of more than 15 years of continuous research and development, based on the most recent validated knowledge in the field of health and genetics that permitted to develop proprietary algorithms.

We developed long-term partnerships with major healthcare players offering our disruptive laboratory services to provide better care to patients in the field of genetics, molecular microbiology and epidemiology. The panels of the services we offer are all based on DNA/RNA technologies and are listed under services.

Our state-of-the-art medical testing laboratories are authorized by the Swiss medical authorities (the Federal Office for Public Health FOPH, fr. OFSP, de. BAG) and audited by Swissmedic.


As a medical service provider, Gene Predictis engages towards patients and medical community to perform all analyses to the highest quality standards and conforming to the relevant international quality norms ISO 15189:2012 and ISO 17025:2017.
We also engage to respect medical secrecy and confidentiality of the patient information.

We support our commitment through:

  • Our highly experienced team of specialists
  • Our highly professional staff
  • Regular monitoring, audits and quality controls
  • Adherence to the relevant national and international standards

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Our high-quality products and services allowed us to develop partnerships with diverse renown Swiss and international health-care stakeholders:

Hospitals and Clinics
Diagnostic laboratories

Biotech companies
Pharma companies
Pharmacies Insurances

Since 01 of September 2016, Gene Predictis is PRIMEO Partner of Helsana Groupe. PRIMEO is an innovative supplementary healthcare cover that provides with optimum benefits for outpatient treatments: a free choice of doctor, a great deal of comfort and privacy, as well as attractive additional benefits such as check-ups, high-quality implants, innovative diagnostics and treatment, etc Gene Predictis genetic tests Pill Protect®, Cypass®, Extended Cypass®, Statins and Nutripass® are reimbursed by PRIMEO cover, as innovative diagnostic tools.

Clinique La Prairie first opened its doors in 1931: a pioneering medical retreat that combined the innovative science of cell therapy and holistic wellness, with the traditions of luxury Swiss hospitality. Since then, we have continued to be a world leader in medical wellbeing, offering a unique and exclusive experience to generations of international guests. We pride ourselves on our long and successful past, while focusing on the innovations of the future.


Gene Predictis has developed:

  • Solid reputation of a health care player providing excellence
  • Lead, market-ready products
  • Proprietary knowledge and registered IP
  • State-of-the-art laboratory facilities
  • Highly cost-effective structure

If you are interested to participate in the further development of the company and to share our success story, please contact us



We have no open positions at present; however, we are always interested to get in contact with talented individuals.

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You can send us your applications at: info@genepredictis.com.


Telephone: +41 21 691 43 75

Email: info@genepredictis.com

EPFL Innovation Park, bâtiment B

1015 Lausanne, Switzerland