Annabel McQuillan joins the Scientific board

Dr. Annabel McQuillan joins Gene Predictis and will bring her experience and vision on how pharmacogenetics could help to improve psychiatric medicine.

Dr McQuillan was born in Edinburgh and studied medicine at the University of Glasgow. After internships in medicine and surgery she moved to Geneva to do her doctoral thesis in gastroenterology. Initially because of an interest in psychosomatic medicine she trained as a psychiatrist.

Her subsequent clinical interest in mood disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and suicidal behavior led to a specialized training with Professor M. Linehan in Seattle. On her return she developed the CARE Program, an out-patient treatment facility within the Department of Psychiatry. This program delivers innovative evidenced based treatment combing a modern psychotherapeutic approach with pharmacological treatments for patients suffering from BPD and ongoing suicidal and self-harming behaviors. Dr McQuillan has taught for many years on both clinical and theoretical aspects of these pathologies, as well as authoring scientific papers and conferences.

Over the years Dr McQuillan has participated actively in implementing novel treatment strategies in an attempt to improve clinical outcomes and particularly to reduce hospitalization rates. She is currently working in psychopharmacology.