Gene Predictis SA was selected, by the expert committee of the Tech Tour and International Venture Club, as one of the top 20 medtech and healthcare companies in Europe. The company was presented during the Healthtech Summit in Lausanne on June 23&24, 2014.

About the Tech Tour
The Tech Tour is an independent, not-for-profit organization composed of key contributors to the high technology industry. The organization recognizes that continued prosperity in Europe lies in its ability to transform today’s innovative projects into tomorrow’s global technology leaders.

About the International Venture Club
The International Venture Club was founded in 2011 as the collaborative platform of leading venture investors promoting successful international investments. Its objectives are to 1) share better practices, 2) build coinvestor trust and relations, 3) foster new funding and investment opportunities through joint actions and PR, 4) grow promising companies with corporate partners and co-investors and 5) keep a smart window and support to emerging innovative companies.