Dr Katayoun Afshar

Laboratory Director & Head of Genetics

Dr Katyoun Afshar has joined Gene Predictis team as the head of Genetics in 2016, and has been the Laboratory Director since May 2022. She has received her PhD in Genetics from the University of California Davis, and performed many years of academic research in the field of cell biology with focus on cell division. Her findings were published in several high profile scientific journals including Cell, Journal of Cell Biology, Development and Nature Cell biology. Dr Afshar started her training in clinical genetics laboratory specialty at University hospital in Lausanne (CHUV) in 2011 and obtained her title of FAMH in genetics in 2014. She has held positions in Medical Genetics service at Geneva University Hospital (HUG), in the Genetic diagnostic Laboratory for the endocrine disease at CHUV and at Medigenome. She has over 30 years of experience working in both research and clinical laboratories and has a strong background in genetics, molecular and cellular biology.